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So, I tried my legs at running this past weekend. I may have killed my confidence. I went in the morning, before my kids woke up. My goal was to do at least 1.5 miles. The first half mile was going well. But, that's about when I started to slow down. Really, if you ever see me run, you'll wonder how I could go any slower. haha!

The air was a little crispy and may have caused some breathing problems. My lungs felt sharp while breathing in. Nearing a mile, I started feeling sick. My mouth was thick with saliva and I was feeling nauseated. I decided to call it quits, before getting any worse. By the time I made it home, my stomach was cramping; I couldn't lay down fast enough!

My average pace was a little over 18 min/mile. See... I am slooooow! I was disappointed it took me so long. But I know I can improve. I know I can get to where my body gives out before my lungs. I've been there before, and it is an incredible feeling knowing you did more than when you started! I may be slow, but everyone has to start somewhere. I know I won't be the fastest runner, but I won't be the slowest either. Maybe close; but if I don't try, I'll definitely be last 🙂

#transformationtuesday #imightbeslowbutimstillmoving #getfit #healthylifestyle #strawberry #laserlipo #laserlipofutah #results #weightloss

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I signed up to do a 5k this Thanksgiving. I have never run in an official race. I don't usually run. I'm terrible at it. Whilst registering, it asked for my estimated run time; I took a hard guess at 30 minutes. I may be the slowest person there. But, if I can't run all of it, I can at least walk it in that time.

I signed up because I want to be able to run without hesitation. I'm totally using this as my motivation to get up and do something to better my fitness level.

What do you do for motivation?

#fitnessfriday #dosomething #littlebylittle #smallsteps #motivation #laserlipo #strawberry #laserlipoofutah #results #weightloss #healthylifestyle

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Here's a quick video showing the benefits of 11 healthy food we should all be eating.

#fitnessfriday #healthy #lifestyle #eatingforlife #strawberry #laserlipo #laserlipoofutah

Wanna live longer? Here's 11 Everyday Foods For A Longer, Healthier Life! 🌱

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I recently found this recipe for Mushroom Rice and it is too good not to share! Even my kids, who claim they don't like mushrooms, love it!

For the full recipe, visit

Have a great weekend!!

#healthylifestyle #healthlyeating #mushroomrice #fitnessfriday #laserlipo #laserlipoofutah #results #strawberry

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